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The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock is recognized throughout the state of Texas as a top legal resource. Any Texan seeking authoritative personal injury, probate, and estate administration services will find them here. What particularly distinguishes Joe Brad’s legal counsel, according to his clients, is twofold. First, he has a reputation for securing favorable outcomes for his clients. Second, but equally important, he strives to set people’s minds at ease about their legal difficulties. And he does that from the get-go.

No Mystery. No Fear. No Hassle.

Joe Brad begins by establishing a congenial relationship with those who come to him. He thoroughly familiarizes himself with their individual situations. Then, in simple but precise terms, he explains what they can expect him to do for them. His approach from the start is to take as much mystery, fear, and hassle as he can out of the legal process. Once you become his client, you’ll feel you’re his only client. That’s because Joe Brad is unfailingly sympathetic, respectful, and dedicated to fulfilling your legal needs.

Always Compassionate, Effective Legal Help.

In the pages of this website Joe Brad has provided brief but useful descriptions of the personal injury, probate, and estate administration services he offers. Need more information? Or wish to consult with him immediately? Please don’t hesitate to contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock. He looks forward to being your lawyer and serving you with the same compassion, commitment, and professionalism he’s known for providing all his Texas clients.


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Call on The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock. Many Texans have made it their go-to law firm for every personal injury, probate, or estate administration need. And for good reason. Joe Brad has proven himself a compassionate counselor, a fearless advocate, and an effective litigator in hundreds of cases. Discover for yourself what clients from Corpus Christi and San Antonio to communities all across Texas have discovered: With Joe Brad on your side, there’s no legal challenge you can’t conquer.

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Personal injuries

Personal Injury Law

Personal injuries have a multitude of causes, but what ties all of these causes together is the fact that your injuries were caused by someone else’s negligence……
 Fall Injuries

Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

Falls caused by slipping or tripping can cause serious injuries like bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, and head trauma. Older people tend to suffer the worst injuries……
Commercial Vehicle

Truck & Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Large trucks and commercial vehicles make up a large portion of the vehicles on our Texas roads and highways. When accidents happen with these massive trucks…..
Estate Administration

Estate Administration

There are several specific tasks involved in the estate administration process. Briefly, these steps will include collecting the deceased’s assets, sending notice to creditors, notifying insurance companies, filing papers with the probate court, filing tax returns, and distributing assets to heirs.
Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

The aftermath of an auto accident in Corpus Christi, Texas is often a chaotic and overwhelming process to go through for anyone. Financial losses……
Oilfield Accidents

Workplace & Oilfield Accidents

Among the most difficult and contentious of personal injury cases to litigate are those involving workplace accidents – especially those that occur in oil fields…….


If you find yourself having to respond to the death of a family member or loved one, an essential step may be to prove the validity of the deceased’s will through the probate process.
Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Since motorcyclists are less protected than other drivers on the road, they tend to suffer the most severe injuries from even minor traffic accidents……
Wrongful Death

Catastrophic Injuries & Wrongful Death

There’s simply no sugarcoating cases involving catastrophic injury or wrongful death claims. Both are unrivaled in the world of personal injury law for the severity and scope of their trauma…….


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Personal injury and family law attorney Joe Brad Brock is a firm believer in honesty, hard work and perseverance, and he takes great pride in applying each of those principles to every case he accepts. If you take your legal matter to the Law Office of Joe Brad Brock, you can rest assured you’ll receive professional, straightforward counsel.

Yes, our Corpus Christi office also serves clients in San Antonio, other communities in South Texas, and throughout the state. Please refer to our contact page to view our office address.

The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock accepts a wide variety of personal injury cases, including those involving auto accidents, workplace accidents, wrongful death, product liability and oil field accidents, among many others.

Yes. The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock also accepts cases involving family law, including divorce, and probate and estate administration.

Attorney Joe Brad Brock was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1991. He opened his own practice, the Law Office of Joe Brad Brock, in 1995.

Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer is your best chance to recover monetary damages and ensure that justice is served to those responsible for your injury.

Probate is the legal process by which a will is proven valid and property is distributed to rightful heirs.

Establishing a will and planning for your future ensures that those you leave behind will be sufficiently cared for and follow your estate wishes long after you’re gone.

A man with rural roots, Joe Brad enjoys spending time with his family and attending their local church. Having worked on farms and ranches as a young man, Joe Brad remains very much interested in the Texas agricultural industry.

Absolutely! Simply call (361) 884-1086 to get started.

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