5 First Things Texans Should Do After a Truck Accident

5 First Things Texans Should Do After a Truck Accident

Ah, yes! At long last winter gives way to spring and the bluebonnets start to bloom in Texas! The thing is, March tends to be tricky where highway driving is concerned. Texas drivers must contend with lots of big-rig trucks this time of year. And roads? They may still bear some of winter’s wear and tear. That, sad to say, makes truck accidents all too much of a possibility. Personal Injury Attorney Joe Brad Brock  cautions drivers hereabouts to be extra careful right now. But if they get in a truck accident anyway, he’s the truck accident lawyer they’ll want to see. Why? Because he has a way of getting clients the compensation necessary for proper recovery.

In order for him to do that, though, drivers involved truck accidents should do 5 things themselves immediately:

1, Call the police.

Or have someone call the police for you. Do so even if you’re not seriously hurt or you think the damage is minimal. What’s important here is that you file an accident report while the details are still fresh in your mind. An accident report is required by law. Even if it weren’t, however, having one could give you the salient evidence you need to justify your claim.

2. Get medical attention.

Your health in the aftermath of a truck accident is critically important. Maybe you think you’re fine. But some types of personal injuries don’t show up until days, weeks, or months later. You may, for instance, have some internal bleeding or another injury that isn’t immediately obvious. Getting yourself examined as soon after the accident as possible is a way to prevent future complications. It does something else, too. It helps prove that your injuries are a direct result of your truck accident. Refusing an examination could be used against you later on in your case, when damages are being awarded.

3. Call your insurance company.

The purpose of the call? To file an accident report with them. This is a step you cannot afford to skip. Suffice it to say, failing to file with insurance can affect the outcome of your case very negatively.

4. Keep your conversations brief.

Whether you’re talking with the police, your medical examiner, or your insurance company the less you talk, the better. And you’ll want to talk even less with the truck driver and witnesses! Saying too much can prejudice your case and turn it against you. When you’re questioned by the authorities, just state the facts simply, succinctly, and without embellishment.

5. Consult with truck accident lawyer Joe Brad Brock.

A truck accident in Texas is treated very differently from a passenger car accident. Truck accidents usually carry with them more complicated liability issues. For one thing, it’s not just the truck driver who can be held accountable. The trucking company that employs him can be found liable too. That can win you more of the compensation you deserve, especially if the driver or the trucking company violated any of the regulations governing their behavior.

Joe Brad Brock understands these regulations as well as the unique circumstances surrounding truck accidents. His specialized knowledge comes from years of dealing with such issues as part of his personal injury legal practice.

If you’ve been injured in a recent truck accident, contact the South Texas Law Office of Joe Brad Brock now. And let him win for you the just compensation he’s won for so many other Texans.