Personal Injury and
Family Law Attorney

A Trusted Personal Injury and Family Law Advocate for All of South Texas

The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock is recognized throughout the Corpus Christi-San Antonio-South Texas region as a top provider of personal injury, family law, probate, and estate administration services. What distinguishes Joe Brad’s legal counsel, according to his clients, is not only his record for securing favorable outcomes but also the effort he makes to set people’s minds at ease about their legal difficulties – even before they become clients.

No Mystery. No Fear. No Hassle.

Joe Brad begins by establishing a congenial relationship with those who seek him out. He thoroughly familiarizes himself with their individual situations. Then in simple but precise terms, he explains what they can expect him to do for them as clients. His approach from the start is to take as much mystery, fear, and hassle as he can out of the legal process. Once you become his client, you’ll find Joe Brad to be unfailingly sympathetic, always respectful, and tirelessly dedicated to fulfilling your legal needs.

Just Compassionate, Effective Legal Help.

In the pages of this website Joe Brad has provided brief but useful descriptions of the personal injuryfamily lawprobate, and estate administration services he offers. If you need more information or wish to consult with him immediately, please don’t hesitate to contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock. He looks forward to being your lawyer and serving you with the same compassion, commitment, and professionalism he’s known for providing all of his Corpus Christi-San Antonio-South Texas clients.