The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock counsels and litigates on behalf of people injured in a variety of ways, but particuarly as a result of auto and motorcycle accidentsdefective productsslip-and-fall accidentstruck and commercial vehicle accidents, and workplace accidents, including those that occur in South Texas oil fields. Besides that, Joe Brad intimately involves himself in cases of catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

In each case, no matter the kind of accident, personal injury victims are entitled to receive compensation from the guilty parties. That’s because, in some way, the guilty parties have performed below a standard the law demands. Knowing what the standard is as it relates to the responsibilities or legal duties of, say, vehicle operators, product OEMs, and premises owners, is but one aspect of Joe Brad’s extensive experience with personal injury law.

Once Joe Brad uncovers how or why a party is guilty of causing your injuries, he puts his experience in trying court cases to work asserting your claim. This often entails issuing legal complaints, serving the proper defendants with summonses, and obtaining testimony from the guilty party. Joe Brad will further investigate the nature and extent of your injuries and offer proof of their impact on your life. Injuries may be defined to include lost wages, medical and hospital bills, property damage, and lost earning potential.

The careful way in which Joe Brad investigates and develops every personal injury case he handles ups the likelihood of getting a settlement offer from the guilty party. When liability can be verified in the early stages of a case, a time-consuming and often emotionally challenging trial can be averted. One way liability could be decided in advance of a trial is through the filing of pre-trial and other procedural motions. Such motions are sought whenever possible by The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock. Joe Brad knows full well how beneficial it can be for the injured party to obtain the desired result without a full trial on the merits.

Rest assured, if it is necessary to try your claim before a judge or a jury, Joe Brad has what it takes to finish the case through trial. Again: He’s a constant courtroom litigator with wide-ranging trial experience.

Want to know more about personal injury law as practiced by Joe Brad here in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and greater South Texas? Want to know specifically what Joe Brad can do for you? Then contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock without delay.


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