Bicycle Accident Fault in South Texas? Hard to Prove Without a Lawyer

Bicycle Accident Fault in South Texas? Hard to Prove Without a Lawyer

Okay, so it’s wintertime and the holiday season is fast approaching. Here in the Corpus Christi-San Antonio-South Texas area, people still do bicycle when the air’s a little colder, a little crisper. And why not? There’s seldom much in the way of snow to stop them. The last significant snow hereabouts was in 2004. A word of caution, though: Bicycle accidents can occur any time of year in South Texas, perhaps especially in the “off-season,” when roads can be a little icy and motorists, not expecting to encounter bicyclists, aren’t looking out for them. It’s worth keeping in mind as well that bicycle accidents can be difficult to prove any time of year – unless you hire a personal injury lawyer who has significant experience with bicycle accident litigation. Attorney Joe Brad Brock is just such a lawyer, as lots of South Texas bicyclists will attest.

Why Proving a Bicycle Accident Is So Difficult

So, what would make a bicycle accident difficult to prove? Say you had an accident on your bike that you know a motorist caused, even though the motorist didn’t hit you. Maybe the motorist was driving on or too near the bike path and you crashed your bike taking evasive action to avoid being hit. If you were injured by falling off your bike or riding into obstacles other than the car, it could be a real challenge proving the motorist is liable for your injuries – especially if the car shows no signs of the accident. But, then, proof could be hard to come by even if a motorist hits you and your bike head on, or from behind, or in a sideswipe if damage to the car is so miniscule as to invite doubt that the car was involved.

There’s another little matter that must be considered too: motorists who leave the scene of a bicycle accident. Maybe they’re fleeing because they know (or fear) they caused it. Maybe they’re just driving on because they have no idea they’re responsible. Or maybe they don’t even realize an accident occurred! Locating such a driver can be problematic, to say the least. This is where the services of an experienced legal investigator become absolutely essential to developing a sound accident injury claim.

How Joe Brad Brock Can Help and Get You Compensated

Personal Injury Attorney Joe Brad Brock has the required investigative experience and knows well how to collect accident facts. Beyond that, he has an impressive record of litigating bicycle accident cases successfully.

If you’re a bicycle accident victim here in South Texas – or anywhere in Texas, for that matter – do this. Write down the license number of the offending motorist’s vehicle. Get names of witnesses. And note any details of the accident you can remember. Above all, understand that you do not have to face the aftermath of your accident alone. Call (361) 884-1086 or otherwise contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock as soon as possible to discuss your case and learn more about the damages you can expect to receive.