Man Crashes Car Into Two Vehicles

San Antonio, TX – Man Crashes Car Into Two Vehicles, Causes Injuries

San Antonio, TX (July 11, 2020) – A man is in police custody after crashing into a police cruiser and another vehicle this past Wednesday in San Antonio, causing injuries to himself and the driver of the second vehicle. The collision took place on Northwest 21st Street when the man crashed his car into a police cruiser for unknown reasons. He then continued driving until he collided with a second vehicle. The forceful impact of the crash caused the man to be [...]

San Antonio, TX - Wet Roads Contribute to Fatality on Westbound Lp 

San Antonio, TX – Officer, Woman Injured in Car Crash on Kenny Ave

San Antonio, TX (July 10, 2020) – A car crash occurred yesterday morning on a roadway in San Antonio that left a police officer and a woman injured. The collision occurred on Kenny Avenue when a 37-year-old man hit a patrol car after attempting to be apprehended by police for a warrant. The man also had a female passenger with him. While fleeing from police, he struck a police officer and dragged him several feet down the road. After a police pursuit [...]

San Antonio, TX - DUI Injury Accident on Castroville Rd

Sour Lake, TX – Two Workers Killed in Industrial Accident on Mitchell St

Sour Lake, TX (July 9, 2020) – A workplace accident in Sour Lake claimed the lives of two men on Thursday. Just after 11 a.m., on July 9, emergency services were called to the site of an accident at the intersection of West Barkley Street and Mitchell Street. Reports show that an industrial accident occurred involving two workers in the area. Reportedly, the two men were performing duties on a sewer line when they became entrapped in a machine they were [...]

Three Injured in Head

Rio Grande Valley, TX – Three Injured in Head-On Crash on TX-4

Rio Grande Valley, TX (July 8, 2020) – An auto collision reported Tuesday evening sent multiple victims to local hospitals with injuries. At approximately 5:55 p.m., on July 7, the Texas Department of Public Safety responded to the site of an auto accident on Texas Highway 4. Reports from DPS show that a white Jeep SUV and a brown Chevy SUV collided head-on on the westbound side of the highway. The collision sent multiple victims to area hospitals with injuries. The [...]

San Antonio, TX - Simon Spectre Killed in I-35 Collision

San Antonio, TX – 18-Wheeler Accident on I-35 Leaves One Injured

San Antonio, TX (July 7, 2020) – A motor vehicle collision early Monday morning left one victim seriously injured in San Antonio. Just before 5 a.m., on July 6, the San Antonio Police Department responded to the site of the collision on Interstate 35. Reports from the SAPD show that an 18-wheeler and a sedan collided head-on along the southbound side of Interstate 35, near Schwab Road. The collision resulted in a major fuel leak, which closed the main lanes of [...]

Truck Accident

Of Truck Drivers, Distracted Driving, and a Texas Accident Lawyer

It’s a rare person – probably a non-existent person! – who hasn’t gotten distracted while driving. No one plans to get distracted, of course. But it happens. Especially if we get a little cocky or careless behind the wheel. As long as no one is hurt, we can be forgiving about it. But truck driving and distracted driving is another matter altogether. Because that’s a combination too often deadly. If you’ve been injured in an accident with a distracted truck driver, you may have [...]

Fall Injury

What You Should Know about Texas Slip, Trip & Fall Laws

Slips, trips, and falls have been staples of film comedy since the earliest days of the cinema. In  real life, though, they’re not always funny. Especially if you’re the one falling and you’re injured in that fall. The good news? Texas law looks out for those whose slip, trip, and fall injuries result from someone else’s negligence. If you’re one of them, you’ll want to explore your options for compensation. After all, why should you pay for medical assistance, therapy, lost work wages, and the [...]

Car Injury

Finding the Right Texas Car Accident Lawyer

For most of us, most of the time, a car accident damages only the vehicle. So we deal with the police, the insurance company, and an auto body repair shop. But what if you’re injured in a car accident? That’s when you’re wise to deal with a lawyer as well. A South Texas personal injury attorney experienced in handling car accidents can help you get compensated for all your losses. Not just for car repairs, but for medical expenses and lost wages too. And if someone [...]

Truck Accident

5 First Things Texans Should Do After a Truck Accident

Ah, yes! At long last winter gives way to spring and the bluebonnets start to bloom in Texas! The thing is, March tends to be tricky where highway driving is concerned. Texas drivers must contend with lots of big-rig trucks this time of year. And roads? They may still bear some of winter’s wear and tear. That, sad to say, makes truck accidents all too much of a possibility. Personal Injury Attorney Joe Brad Brock  cautions drivers hereabouts to be extra [...]

Road Accident

5 Questions Your Texas Truck Accident Lawyer Must Investigate

Lots of open highway and heavy commerce make truck accidents an all too common occurrence in Texas. Chances are good you’ll be involved in one. Chances are good you already have been. And if you’ve been injured? Well, you either already know it or you’ll soon find out: You need a good lawyer. The one more people choose hereabouts is Joe Brad Brock. He’s a South Texas personal injury lawyer with considerable truck accident experience. That means, first off, that he knows [...]