Joe Brad Brock is a Corpus Christi-based personal injury lawyer known all across Texas for his counseling and litigation skills. People come to him primarily for injuries resulting from

He’s sought out as well for his sensitivity in handling cases of catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

When liability for your personal injuries is legally assigned to another, you’re entitled to compensation from the liable party. Joe Brad will make sure you get the compensation you deserve. This is seldom an easy task.

First, Joe Brad must uncover how or why the party in question is liable for your injuries. He does this typically by issuing legal complaints, serving defendants with summonses, and getting testimony from those alleged liable. Beyond that, he’ll investigate the nature and extent of your injuries and offer proof of their impact on your life. Injuries may be defined to include lost wages, medical and hospital bills, property damage, and lost earning potential.

Whenever possible, Joe Brad will attempt to win a settlement without the need for a costly, time-consuming, emotionally draining trail. He’s often successful in this. If a trial can’t be avoided though, he’s just the lawyer you want. Joe Brad is a constant courtroom litigator with wide-ranging trial experience and a proven track record. He’ll work to get a verdict that’s as expeditious as it is fair.

If you’ve been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, take a hint from other Texans. Schedule a free consultation with the South Texas personal injury lawyer who gets results. Contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock today.


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