Corpus Christi, TX – Three Injured in Auto Accident on Hwy 286 near Crosstown

Corpus Christi, TX – Three Injured in Auto Accident on Hwy 286 near Crosstown

Corpus Christi, TX (July 31, 2023) – A car accident sent three people to the hospital in Corpus Christi in an incident that occurred overnight on the night of July 28, the Nueces County Emergency Service District said. 

The crash occurred in the 2300 block of Crosstown on Highway 286. Photos from the crash site show a passenger vehicle that was heavily damaged along with a moving truck. One individual was rescued from the scene by emergency responders. 

The Texas Department of Transportation and the Corpus Christi Fire Department were sent to the scene to help the people involved. 

Authorities in Corpus Christi continue to investigate. 

We hope for the full and fast recovery of the injured victims. 

Texas Auto Accidents

 Corpus Christi, TX - Three Injured in Auto Accident on Hwy 286 near CrosstownEach year, hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur in Texas. These accidents injure and take the lives of thousands of people. Most of these wrecks happen due to the negligent actions of drivers. At this point in time, the majority of the car accidents that happen in Texas are caused by distracted driving. Distracted drivers cause over 400,000 vehicle collisions per year in the United States. These crashes take the lives of more than 3,000 individuals each year. Other reasons car wrecks occur throughout the Lone Star State include drunk driving, fatigued driving, and speeding. 

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