Corpus Christi, TX – Vehicle Accident Ends in Injuries on Ayers St near Corpus Christi Wholesale Mart

Corpus Christi, TX – Vehicle Accident Ends in Injuries on Ayers St near Corpus Christi Wholesale Mart

Corpus Christi, TX (March 26, 2023) – On the evening of Tuesday, March 21, a car crash happened in Corpus Christi that ended in injuries. Reports from authorities show the incident occurred at approximately 7:35 p.m. 

The incident happened on Ayers Street near the Corpus Christi Wholesale Mart. One person was hurt in a car accident that occurred for reasons that are currently unclear.

At this time, the extent of the injuries suffered in the crash has not been reported. Police in Corpus Christi are still working to determine the cause of the accident.

The roadway was blocked while crews worked to secure the area and help those involved. Police urged local drivers to use caution and alternate their travel routes while the crash scene was occupied by responders.

We hope for the full recovery of the injured victim. No further information has been reported. 

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Corpus Christi, TX - Vehicle Accident Ends in Injuries on Ayers St near Corpus Christi Wholesale MartCar accidents constantly happen in the United States and throughout the state of Texas. Some car crashes only cause minimal property damage. Others, however, end in serious injuries or even fatalities for those involved. Every year, over 3 million people suffer injuries in car accidents in the United States. Sadly, more than 40,000 lose their lives on average per year due to car crashes that happen throughout the country.

Auto collisions occur for a long list of different reasons. From bad weather to vehicle malfunctions to driver negligence, there are countless reasons auto collisions happen. Unfortunately, negligent driving is the main reason traffic collisions happen in the United States. Drivers who are distracted, fatigued, intoxicated, or speeding cause millions of car crashes every year that end in injuries and fatalities. A report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that over 93% of reported auto accidents happen due to driver negligence. This means that over 5 million car accidents occur every single year due to the actions of drivers who are not paying attention, are intoxicated, or traveling at unsafe speeds.


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