Family Law Lawyer

Corpus Christi-San Antonio-South Texas Family Law Attorney

From his law office in Corpus Christi, Joe Brad Brock helps people in South Texas and statewide obtain divorce decrees, child custody, visitation and support orders, and alimony support. In addition, Joe Brad handles pre-marriage agreements, post-nuptial agreements, and adoptions.


Family dissolution can be complicated and stressful. Joe Brad understands this as well as the laws governing the rights of spouses and children. It’s this understanding that makes him such a sympathetic and effective advocate.

You can count on The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock to represent individuals through all steps of the divorce process, from separation to final judgment. If appropriate, the process may begin with a separation agreement followed by a divorce petition. This petition contains information required by law and must be filed in the state where one of the spouses resides. Once filed, the other spouse must receive a copy of the petition. We will assist you with serving your spouse. The next steps of the process are temporary orders, property and debt division, child custody, child and spousal support, and final judgment.

Temporary Orders, Debt Division, Custody and Support

Temporary orders resolve issues that cannot wait until final judgment, like custody and support. Generally, restraining orders are entered automatically preventing spouses from leaving the state or transferring assets. Property division requires identifying non-marital and marital property. Proper identification dictates whether an equitable division between the spouses occurs or whether a spouse is entitled to retain property inherited or acquired pre-marriage. Debt division is more complicated, and Joe Brad has the ability to protect you from liability for loans and debts that are the responsibility of the other spouse.

Child custody involves issues such as where the children will live, how much time they’ll spend with each parent, and which parent will make the important decisions about the children. If you and your spouse cannot agree, Joe Brad will file a custody petition, and consult experts when necessary to support your claims for physical and legal custody. He will also do a thorough investigation to determine the income, assets, and earning potential of the other parent so the court makes the appropriate child support award.

Negotiation, Mediation … or Trial

Many of these issues are not easily agreed upon by divorcing spouses. However, agreement is necessary in order to obtain a final decree. The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock stands ready to achieve agreement in your case through negotiation, mediation, or trial. Negotiation, after full discovery, allows the parties to reach agreement through the assistance of their lawyers. Mediation entails reaching final agreement with the help of a neutral third party. If necessary, Joe Brad will advocate for you before a judge to resolve unsettled issues.

For more information about the various aspects of family law handled by Joe Brad’s practice, or to consult with him about your particular needs, please contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock today.