George West, TX – Ruth Arellano Enriquez Killed, Two Injured in Hydroplane Accident on I-37

George West, TX – Ruth Arellano Enriquez Killed, Two Injured in Hydroplane Accident on I-37

George West, TX (November 24, 2021) – A woman from Corpus Christi was killed in a car accident near George West on Sunday, November 21st.

Reports show that, at about 4:50 p.m., a Honda CRV carrying three occupants was traveling southbound on Interstate 37. The driver was reportedly going too fast for the wet road conditions, causing the vehicle to hydroplane off the roadway and crash into a tree. 

One passenger, 44-year-old Ruth Arellano Enriquez, a resident of Corpus Christi, died at the scene. 

The driver, an unidentified woman, and a 5-year-old boy were both hospitalized in unknown conditions.

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of the deceased victim, Mrs. Ruth Arellano Enriquez, at this time. Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families in hopes of a full recovery.

Passenger Fatalities in Texas

George West, TX - Ruth Arellano Enriquez Killed, Two Injured in Hydroplane Accident on I-37

Anytime the injured plaintiff or the respondent dies as the result of a motor vehicle accident in Texas, there is a judicial code that is able to be applied to any subsequent legal claim.

These codes state that even though the injured party died, their estate still has a legal claim against the respondent. The death of the victim does not imply that the negligent driver is somehow exempt from their duty to pay financial compensation to the family or estate of the deceased.

This same statute comes into play if the negligent driver was killed during the accident. Under these circumstances, the claim for damages would instead be brought against the deceased’s estate. 

This law is applied in cases where either the injured victim or the at-fault driver, or both, die as a result of the accident. The victim’s claim for financial compensation is valid regardless of who died.

George West Personal Injury Lawyers

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