Getting a Fair Settlement After a Texas Truck Accident

Getting a Fair Settlement After a Texas Truck Accident

Accidents in Texas involving semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, and other commercial vehicles cause property damage and personal injuries nearly every day. The damage can be serious, too, and such accidents are all too often fatal, given the bigger size and tonnage of these vehicles. Worse yet, getting a fair settlement after such an accident can be a daunting task. Not if you engage the services of Attorney Joe Brad Brock, however. As one of South Texas’s foremost personal injury lawyers, he’s well equipped to address the unique aspects of truck accidents and their aftermath.

Investigating the Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents frequently involve jackknifing, fuel fires, rollovers and braking malfunctions.

In the case of jackknifing, de-powered front brakes are often the culprit. Careful accident investigation will identify the parties at least partially responsible for damages in an accident where a truck moves into the telltale bent position de-powered brakes tend to effect.

When a truck catches fire, it may be because the truck’s diesel fuel came in contact with battery spark. The position of the battery, then, is one of the first things investigators will note. Attempts also will be made to identify the party responsible for the battery’s position.

Rollovers are one of the major causes of bodily injury in trucking accidents. Many factors can cause a truck to roll over, including driver error, improper load distribution, low tires, and highway conditions.

Brake malfunctions may be attributable to the driver, the company that loaded the truck, the party responsible for maintaining the brakes, or the brake manufacturer. If the brakes aren’t properly maintained or the truck load isn’t evenly distributed, brake malfunction may well be caused by overheating. If brake failure leads to an accident after a change in road topography, the driver’s lack of experience may be responsible.

Seeking Recovery After a Truck Accident

Texans injured in truck accidents have a right by law to seek recovery. This basically entails forcing the parties responsible for a victim’s injuries to pay the medical bills and replace lost wages. The settlement claim can include damages for physical pain and suffering, mental and emotional suffering, inconvenience, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life. In addition to damages awarded to the injured party, the injured victim’s family may recover compensation for loss of care and support. In extreme cases, punitive damages are available if someone acted in bad faith or with the intent to cause harm, such as by driving under the influence of alcohol.

Truckers are required by law to have a special license for operating their vehicles. Generally, they will have attended an independent trucking school or had some form of trucking company apprentice training in order to qualify for that license. What this is meant to ensure is that a driver has certain knowledge, experience, and training not required of a standard operator. If a truck driver causes an accident because he or she does not possess the requisite amount of training and experience, a claim might be brought against the trucking company for negligent hiring and training.

Attorney Joe Brad Brock knows well how to navigate the complex process of truck accident litigation and advise you of all individuals or entities that may be held liable for your injuries. If you want to increase your chances of obtaining a fair truck accident settlement, call (361) 884-1086 or otherwise contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock immediately.