Product Liability

Powerful South Texas Product Liability Attorney

Defective products and the injuries they cause – often severe, life-altering, and wildly expensive – are an unfortunate danger for far too many Texans. As responsible, law-abiding consumers, we have a right to expect that our products are safe for use. Some products, such as worn tires, pose an obvious potential danger. Others may be dangerous for reasons not readily apparent, even if they’ve been properly maintained. Fortunately, Texans have a powerful product liability advocate in South Texas personal injury attorney Joe Brad Brock.

The Representation You Need

Joe Brad knows what it’s like to fight back against intractable forces. He has, after all, successfully litigated cases against General Motors, Toyota, and the Ford Motor Company. Little wonder, then, that so many in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and elsewhere in South Texas regard him as a premier advocate for victims of defective products. His task as such isn’t easy, either.  And that’s not least because, if a defective product causes an injury, there’s often more than one culprit.

The Compensation You Deserve

No matter who’s determined at fault for your injury, and no matter how deep their pockets, The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock can help you obtain the outcome you deserve. This is possible only because Joe Brad, being a man of unwavering integrity and professionalism, understands that nothing’s more important than your safety and the safety of those you love. Have you, or has someone in your family, been injured due to a defective product? Contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock now to schedule your free consultation.