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People in Refugio have an able advocate in The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock. What’s earned him their trust is his obvious expertise in matters of personal injury, divorce and other family issues, probate, and estate administration. These are the areas of legal practice on which he’s focused since he first put out his shingle in 1995. Though home-based in Corpus Christi, Attorney Joe Brad Brock has built a considerable client base not only in Refugio, but also in San Antonio and throughout Texas.

His clients will tell you that, aside from his thorough knowledge of the law, Joe Brad distinguishes himself by being a compassionate legal counselor. He listens to his clients, gives each of them his undivided attention, and works tirelessly to foster a close relationship with them. This is the basis for his developing a sound and effective legal strategy. He’s a savvy trial lawyer, too, having litigated successfully in both state and federal courts. And he’s won both in-court and out-of-court settlements that have benefited his clients significantly.

If you’re a resident of Refugio and find yourself in need of a lawyer, Joe Brad is clearly the one to see. Contact The Law Office of Joe Brad Brock today.

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