San Antonio, TX – Double Pedestrian Fatality on NW 19th St

San Antonio, TX – Double Pedestrian Fatality on NW 19th St

San Antonio, TX (December 10, 2020) – San Antonio Police responded to the scene of an accident in which two victims crossing the street died after they were struck by a car on Wednesday, December 9th. NW 19th Street and Culebra Road. 

The accident took place at about 6:20 p.m. 

According to initial police reports, an eastbound Dodge Challenger struck the man and woman as they attempted to cross Culebra Road. The driver told police that he did not notice them until it was too late for him to stop in time.

The driver of the Dodge then reportedly drove across all lanes of traffic and into the nearest parking lot. The driver notified law enforcement of the accident and remained on the scene for the impending investigation. 

In spite of the best efforts of emergency responders, both pedestrians were pronounced dead at the scene.  

We would like to offer our deepest condolences to the families of the deceased victims at this time.

Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in San Antonio

San Antonio, TX - Double Pedestrian Fatality on NW 19th St

According to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, Texas is one of the five states that collectively comprised almost half, 46%, of the 6,227 fatal pedestrian accidents in the United States in 2018. The other four states were Arizona, California, Georgia, and Florida.

Together, these states constitute just 33% of the nation’s population, but they represent just under 50% of its pedestrian deaths.

The fatal pedestrian accident rate in Texas was 1.04 for every 100,000 residents for the first half of 2018, a rate that is noticeably higher than the nationwide average of 0.88.

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